Welcome to Akropolis Family Restaurant

Since 1985, the Akropolis has been serving up delicious treats, satisfying meals, and a family atmosphere that keeps you coming back for more. Bring the family in for lunch, stop by for a weeknight dinner, or take it easy with your morning coffee.

Akropolis Family Restaurant

From hearty breakfasts to start your day off right, to roast turkey dinners to end it with satisfying comfort food, our menu features a wide array of options for any time of day. We offer spicy seafood favorites, classic diner clubs, juicy burgers, and healthy salads so there’s always something to tempt your taste buds. Craving breakfast for dinner? We serve our breakfast menu all day!

When you come to Akropolis, we treat you like family. From tea and toast to appetizers and ice cream, our family takes care of yours. Come on back to see us and you’ll feel like family every time.

Welcome home, to Akropolis Family Restaurant.

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